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The steps below are for the initial part of device setup.

Let it boot!

Allow about a minute for the boot phase to complete after powering the device on

Using the Videon Discovery Application

Install the Discovery App from the USB drive you received with your device, or download it here.

  • This app finds Videon devices on the same local network and allows for a single click connection to any Videon device found on the network.
Using a USB drive

To get the IP address without the Discovery App, insert a USB drive into the back of the device and wait 15-20 seconds.

  • The IP will be listed with other network configuration settings in a file named "streaming_network_configuration.txt".
Using the router table

If all else fails, Videon's devices should show up in the router's device table if it is a DHCP enabled network, or if the Videon device has a valid static IP.

  • This may require some trial and error to determine which in the table is the desired Videon device.

Use Google Chrome

The Videon Web UI has been seen to work on various browsers, but is technically only supported on Google Chrome. For the best experience, use Google Chrome to connect to Videon devices.

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