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When setting up the Videon Greylock encoder, make sure to check your source video and audio as well as the input settings on the device.

Source Video
  • Ensure the source video is turned on and plugged into the Videon device in either the HDMI or SDI in port.
  • Check that the output resolution and framerate of your source are supported by the Videon Greylock encoder. A list of supported resolutions is found in the Videon Greylock Product Datasheet
  • Ensure that the input source is not HDCP protected. Sources with HDCP protected content, such as a Blu-ray player or DVD player, will not be able to be encoded.
Source Audio
  • Ensure that audio is present either embedded in the HDMI/SDI input or via the 3.5mm audio jack
Input Settings
  • Ensure that AV Input Type is set to the corresponding audio/video source plugged into the Videon Greylock
    • If audio is included in the HDMI/SDI input, select HDMI/SDI with embedded audio
    • If audio is separate from the video input, select HDMI/SDI with 3.5mm audio
    • When in doubt, or if switching between AV input types, select Auto

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