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An error message is appearing in either the Encoder Control screen or one of its sub-menus


Below is a list of possible error messages and their likely solutions:

“Error saving settings”

  • Clear the cache and refresh the web UI

“Unable to encode”

  • Check the source matches the accepted inputs in the product data sheet or product manual found on the Videon resources page

  • Ensure source appears on a separate monitor

“Cannot connect to RTMP URL”

  • Ensure correct RTMP URL

  • Check if the Videon device can stream to another streaming provider (YouTube is free, if you do not have access to another streaming provider)

“Server access denied”

  • Ensure the right credentials are being used (username/password)

“Video format error”

  • This means there is something wrong with the compatibility of the stream with the RTMP packaging format, ensure the stream is compatible with RTMP packaging

“Unable to process steam”

  • This means there is some issue with packaging the stream into FLV

“RTMP server is closed”

  • Check if everything is functioning as expected from the end of the streaming provider