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Network recommendations
  1. Your installation space must be equipped with a DHCP-enabled and multicast-enabled Ethernet router for best performance. These are the default settings for most routers.
  2. Upload bandwidth needs to be sufficient for the video bitrate set in the Encoder Settings.
    1. Use a network speed diagnostic tool such as to determine your maximum upload bandwidth.

Connecting to Videon devices remotely
  1. Port forwarding can be used to connect from a non-local network to Videon devices. Contact the network administrator about how to port forward as well as if the network can account for the security risks that come along with port forwarding.

    Password Authentication can be enabled on Videon devices

  2. Using a VPN is another, more secure, method of connecting remotely to Videon devices.

Setting up Videon devices for a static network or static IP workflow

Connect the device to a DHCP network, go to Device Settings and select "Static" for the address assignment.

  • Ensure that the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS Address are all valid for the particular network the Videon device will be used on. Contact the network administrator for questions on what values to use for the respective fields.
    • If you cannot get a hold of your network administrator, try checking the IP address of your PC that is on the same network. Example: PC IP =, the Videon device IP address should be at least, but ideally
  • The valid format for all fields is, with x being a digit. Leading zeros can be left out. For example, IP Address:

Perform a Factory Reset to change back to DHCP (and reset the rest of the device to factory defaults) if the saved settings are either incorrect or no longer valid.

Shavano: Default IP

If Shavano is not assigned an IP through static configuration or a DHCP server, it will default to

To connect to Shavano in this state, directly connect an Ethernet cable from Shavano to a computer and enter in a Chrome browser URL. Configuration for a static network can be done at this point.

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