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Setting up a new piece of equipment isn't always easy. Here at Videon, we do our best to make our products as intuitive as possible, but we absolutely understand the need for a concrete set of instructions. Below is a list of steps to take that should get you from opening the box to streaming your event or production easily!

  1. Register your device on our Product Registration Page. There are a few reasons to do this:
    1. Videon will reach out to ensure your setup and streaming are going smoothly
    2. Videon will notify you when new firmware is released
    3. You will receive priority support on our Help Desk, meaning your support needs will be addressed before someone who has not registered their device(s)

  2. Set up your Videon hardware. Detailed instructions are found in our Hardware Setup Guide

  3. Connect to your Videon device. Detailed instructions are found in our Connecting to Videon Devices Guide

    Gaming setup instructions

    If you are looking to set up a gaming live stream, follow these instructions: How to set up a gaming live stream (Windows OS)

  4. Stream to wherever you want. There are a number of different streaming methods Videon devices support:

    1. Online video platform/direct-to-web
    2. Point-to-point
    3. One-to-many over local network
    4. File recording
    5. FTP server upload

If you have any issues during setup, search for what you are experiencing below: