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So, you're experiencing an issue

Videon's devices are designed to be robust, reliable, and high quality. If you are experiencing an issue, you've come to the right place! We want to get you back up and running as soon as possible and make sure our products are performing as designed!

Get down to troubleshooting

The Videon Product Knowledge Base is a collection of customer feedback and results of internal testing.

Browse the knowledge base by either navigating the Page Tree in the left sidebar or using the Search in the top right!

As you use the knowledge base, feel free to contact Videon and give feedback or report a problem by emailing or visiting our service desk customer portal.

After looking through the Videon Product Knowledge Base

If the issue you are experiencing is not in the knowledge base and you have tried both a Reboot/Power Cycle and a Factory reset, and you are still experiencing the issue, submit a Technical Support Request.

List of Support Pages

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Connection to Videon web UI/devices issueTristan AvelisMay 10, 2017
Input source is not recognizedTristan AvelisApr 04, 2017
Bad Quality/No Video/Audio Coming from the DecoderTristan AvelisMar 31, 2017
Device not appearing in Encoder ControlTristan AvelisMar 30, 2017
Error message in Encoder ControlTristan AvelisMar 30, 2017
RTMP stream not at expected qualityTristan AvelisMar 30, 2017
Error saving dataTristan AvelisMar 30, 2017
No password prompt after setting admin passwordTristan AvelisMar 30, 2017
Miscellaneous network issue with Videon device(s)Tristan AvelisMar 29, 2017
Firmware update issueTristan AvelisMar 29, 2017
Device poweringTristan AvelisMar 28, 2017
Forgotten passwordTristan AvelisMar 28, 2017
Connected Monitor Does Not Support Selected ResolutionTristan AvelisMar 28, 2017

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