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The video stream from the Videon decoder is not at the expected quality or is not showing.


There could be a number of reasons why the quality of the decoded stream is not as expected or the video is not showing at all. The following are some things to check.

  1. Check if VLC or another decoder can decode the incoming stream at the expected quality
    1. If VLC or another decoder has the same result as the Videon decoder check the Source Input Guidelines
  2. Ensure the decoder’s set output resolution is supported by the receiving display/monitor
  3. If decoding RTMP, double check the RTMP URL is valid
  4. If decoding Multicast or Unicast
    1. Ensure you are using a valid multicast or unicast IP as well as the right port on both the encoder and decoder
    2. Set up encoder and port forwarding before setting up the decoder

Check the encoded source

Sometimes an invalid source in an encoder can cause issues down the line. Check to make sure a valid, supported source type is being used on the encoder side. Information can be found on the Encoder tips page.